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some x shit ark sz

(beat drops) x talks

if i thought u niggaz really wanted drama, ida been pulled out the armor, word to my mama, ima

hit yalls niggaz wit something that u aint neva felt,hit yall niggaz for frontin u caught up in that hell.

if i thought that half the sh-t bitches said was true, id be spittin lead at u and dead yo crew, but, if u know a bitch, u dont listen to that bitch, u dont argue with that bitch, all u do is f-ck that bitch

if i listen to all them fake niggaz thats runnin they mouth, i wouldnt be clear,id be loading up to run in yo house,but, u cant fuck wit cowards, cause a coward will be a coward,youll end up killin these cowards, youll end up spillin these cowards

if i let the niggaz around my way tell me how to feel about me, i guess i really wouldnt be d, but im the best that eva did it, the best at it cause i live it, how many niggaz eat it and shit it,you cats want it come and get it.


rrrrrrr, arfff, arfff(whoop, whoop) say 2x

tell me how u feelin now, i know u illin now
tell me how u feelin now, i know u illin now

its not like me to have my back turned to open places, i wanna see it when its coming so i can faces, hopin cases,got me paying to stay outta jail,while these streets got me praying to stay outta hell, slipped and i fell, got back up, slipped again, but no matter what has been niggaz neva gotta win.

its a thin line i walk, everyday but im good wit it,project nigga all my life, but wouldnt say the hood did it. knew what i was doing, everyday that i was doing it,seeing niggaz havin a good time, so ima ruinin it.

fuck u and fuck yo man, both yall niggaz is puss, frontin like u out the jungle, but aint neva seen a bush.when push come to shove, whateva love we had take it wit u,now peep what i just said, and see how long it takes to hit u.

everybody knows you can talk all day,but when its on what u gone do walk away


man i told u i lock jaw, carry a glock 4, close my eyes on yall niggaz, the bullets will watch yall. then i gotta open up another can ah ass whippin, yall niggaz betta pucker up, time for some real ass kissing.

im a simple man, i lead a simple life, i mean simple like, i dont need much to be aight, live off the land eat at night.

handle whatevers coming when i get there but im good, dismantle whatevers coming, you niggaz sit there but im hood.what my niggaz feeling good, what my niggaz like it rough,
what my niggaz want blood, you stay calling niggaz bluff.

but if its got to be, then its gone be, come om lets see, whateva my niggaz want from me, what my niggaz gone get from me, and if i eva let the words of another nigga bother me,i might as well let the sperm of that other nigga bother me.but they know, like i know, the black rhino,niggaz come through unless the 9 blow, niggaz die slow,ooh oohh oohhh

chorus till end


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