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school street ark sz

grrrrrrr.. uh, uh, uh, yeah!
uhh! fourth motherfuckin time baby (what?)
out the gate! (uh-huh)
you motherfuckers cant be serious (you cant be serious)
you thought id let you have this shit (what?)
you thought this rap shit was yours? (uh-uh! uh-uh!)
you motherfuckers done lost your mind (uh-huh)
for real - get the fuck outta here with that bullshit
im about to let yall niggaz know, how its goin dizzy baby
uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uh!

school street, school street, home of the brave
suckers actin like they want it, ends up in the grave (cmon!)
im dmx but my, name aint dave (uh)
step to my title and ill crash yo wave
buildin #80 (uh-huh) used to l-i-v-e (uh-huh)
come through on the, late night tip and you could see me (uhh!)
coolin with d-nice and box, my man (what?!)
m.r., my number one fan (what?!)
small paul, mike lou, native new yorkers
chase a.k.a. kenny, and chuckie walters (uh!)
black shawn, black tim and black darren (woo!)
black tyrone, black al and black baron (woo!)
rob and carlos, jersey and dink (uh!)
james weldon with the, cuban link (cmon!)
little nick, tony koch, and ollie (uh-huh)
remember (?) when they used to fuck with holly? (yeah!)
abby and blue, b-boyin shawn
bill smith, nick bird, scoop and shawan (uh!)
cant forget long, paris, tone and donny (what?!)
adman to steve, fat reggie, and ronnie
black lonnie, d-mack, and michael
{-blam-} ha ha! a.k.a. psycho (what?!)
me and nick styles used to get piles of cash (cmon!)
my man reg kept a jammy in the stash (cmon!)
aiyyo flocko, doug and jerome (uh-huh!)
it wont be long before ice comes home
nate karasha, bin, buck
gs, bashir, dont give a fuck! (what?!)
little joe, kickin like chuck norris (what?!)
most of all i cant forget my man forrest (what?!)
fourteen k alfie, bubbles bo (uh!)
ralph (?), smooth and derenzo (what?!)
the old school with money mark and red mack (yeah!)
kool breeze, dry kool, and kangol jack (uh-huh!)
david earl, jeff kato, and dylan
peace to mike coleman (what?!) heard the brothers chillin (woo!)
little niggaz, like big joe and nutty
eighty-eight dave dan, the peanut gettin money
tweety bird, big monty and docky (uh!)
his brother chico red mask brother hockey (uh!)
gots to give a shoutout, to the deceased (aight?)
little monty and paso, rest in peace
yo i remember all that, cause i was there
school street got shit sewn up all the way to the square (what?!)
no one would dare even, stop to stare (uh!)
cause they know we dont care and we dont play fair (uh-huh!)
yeah, school street is schoolin (what?!)
fuck what you heard, nigga school street duelin (what?!)
who you think you foolin youll end up in yo grave (cmon!)
fuckin with school street, home of the brave (woo!)
motherfucker, now you know..
where im from.. where its at..
what?! motherfucker get got!
{-rapid gun blasts-}
bitch-ass nigga.. home of the brave {-blam-}


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