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ready to meet him ark sz

let us pray.
i thank you lord for my birth, and everything thats followed.
i thank you lord for today, and i will pray for tomorrow.
i thank you lord for the love of my life and a friend.
i made a promise, and im lovin my wife to the end.
i thank you lord for your guidence, cuz its all that counts.
and right here, right now, lord this is your house
i thank you lord for a dream that came true to life.
and i ask you to bless everybody in this room tonight
i dont always do the right thing, and i ask you to forgive me
cuz i need you here wit me. without you

we each walk the path, that weve chosen

im ready to meet him,
were im living aint right
black hate white
white hate black
its right back
to the same fight
they got us suspecting a war
but the real war is to follow the law of the lord

lord, you left me stranded
and i dont know why
told me to live my life,
now im ready to die
ready to fly
i cry, but i shed no tears
you told me you would dead those fears, its been years
snakes still coming at me
just missing
sometimes i think all you doing me is just listen
i thought that i was special
thats what you told me
hold me
stop acting like you dont know me
whatd i do so bad that it sent you away from me
not only sent you away, but made you stay away from me
(my child im here, as ive always been, it was you who went away,
and now are back again, what did i say?)
follow your word, and be true
(what did you do?)
well?what i wanted to do...
(what have you seen?)
darkness and hell at a glance
(what do you want?)
all i want is another chance


(just because you went away, my doors are not locked, wanna come back home,
all you gotta do is knock)
ya see, i left home a boy, i returned as a man
full grown, and im still not able to stand
(i gave you a hand)
well...but i was looking the wrong way
figured out the plan, then i started to pray
and that prayer, took me from here to over there
back to over here,
now they got me like where?
do i belong?
do i fit in?
things on my mind, where do i begin?
its easier to sin, but it hurts my heart
im really tryin to win, so where do we start?
(thou shall not steal)
but, what if he stole from me?
(thou shall not kill)
but what if hes tryin to kill me?
(thou shall not, take my, name in vain, no matter how hard it rains,
withstand the pain)


our father, who art in heaven
im not ashamed to ask for guidance, at 27
no longer afraid to knock on your door
not scared anymore to lose my life in the war
after what i just saw, im ridin with the lord
cause i really cant afford to lose my head by the sword
and now that ive seen, what i need to see
please take me, where i need to be
(what have you learned?)
its better to tell the truth than to lie
(what have you learned?)
to love my life until i die
(what have you learned?)
violence isnt always the key
(what have you learned?)
you cant always believe what you see
(what have you learned?)
its better to forgive and forget
(what have you learned?)
give as you expect to get
(what have you learned?)
that i cant go on without you
(what have you learned?)
i musta been a fool to ever doubt you


im ready to meet him (repeat x5)


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