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prayer iii ark sz

let us pray
lord jesus it is you who wakes me up everyday
and i am grateful for your love this is why i pray
you let me touch so many people and its all for the good
i influence so many children i never thought i would
and i couldnt take credit for the love they get
im just the one thats giving it
and when it seems like the pressure gets to be too much
i take time out and pray and i said you be my crutch
lord i am not perfect by a long shot i confess to you daily
but i work hard everyday and i hope that you hear me
in my heart i mean well but if you help me grow
then what i have in my heart will begin to show
and when i get going im not looking back for nothing
cause i would know where i am headed im so tired of suffering
i stand before you a weakened version of your reflection
begging for direction for my soul needs resurrection
i dont deserve what you give me but you never took it form me
because i am grateful and i use it and i dont worship money
and if you want for me is to bring your children to you
my regret is only having one life to do it instead of two


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