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next out the kennel ark sz

[dj kay slay]
aiyyo, this is dj kay slay from around the way
and my dog dmx is puttin it down with the bloodline family
and the bloodline kennels
the great depression! fourth time!
x keeps it gutter and his dogs are no differant
you gotta respect the line...
first out the kennel, jynx reprepin straight from y.o. kennel
holdin it down...

let it be known, bring it to me
break the fingers that you write with
mouth that you recite with, real life shit
niggaz call me god on beats, cuz i light shit
quicker than those, shootin big holes, rippin your clothes
play games and have a thug nigga sittin at your home
see you walkin with that bitch when he spit at yo dome
damn, ya brains all over the place
bitch cryin and screamin, cuz your brains is all over her face
i got love for street thugs and killers, with deep mugs
who bust they guns first then they start to cuss
shook niggaz hold they guns til they start to rust
bitch niggaz dont want no parts of us, we dangerous
tripped a few of angel dust
one shot turn yo brains to slush
yeah, niggaz dont learn shit til the lights is off
its too late, now your life is lost, motherfucker...

[beat changes to "bring ya whole crew"]

[dj kay slay]
damn! see what im sayin, this shit is real
next out the kennel, barkin from dirty jerz is that nigga loose

let me loose nigga, get the fuck off me
i cant believe my ears, hot, these niggaz is barely warm
in fact they wack, they just got a hot song
fuckin up the game is catz like you
that make wack niggaz???
but loose at the door now, so come with me
ima make sure no more rappers like you get in
you want it? we can go hard with the beats
or hard to the body or hard to the teeth
yeah, i was on universal, they couldnt have me
they kept me on the hush, like whitney drug habit
got drafted, then made it to the front line
a year later, got traded to bloodline
now its hard for catz to keep they spot
he rock too much ice, he cant keep it hot
and when all the ice melt, they all want it down
loose, fuck that, the streets is mines now...

[beat changes to "d-x-l hard white"]

[dj kay slay]
fire! only stray kills, yaknowhatimsayin?
next out the kennel, my nigga big stan from harlem
get at em dog...

[big stan]
uh-oh, whos next? that would be me, b.s., ya know?
uh, ya niggaz aint ready, uh
im like a thieve in the night, i creep in your life
one day when you nice, high off the henny
catch you while you partyin right
with the semi, put your body on ice, for a price
make a bastard of your son as well as widow your wife
my struggle was tight, love inside my heart has limits
like anything outside of bloodline, bound to get it
we bound to win it, niggaz want, we bound to give it
and anything you catz start, you know we bound to finish
can you see the cage is open? muzzle is off
the nine is sick, the silencer will muffle the cough
the line is thick, stan stay solo on cost
my shoulder will frost on any nigga other than dog
im the one ya moms would hate you to cross
if you the only child, would be replacing the lost
please think before you go against the b dot s
and no its not a game, im one of bloodlines best, nigga...

[beat changes to "make a move"]

[dj kay slay]
whoa, whoa, whoa, they just keep bitin
the last to bite, that bitch, the bitch of the litter
crazy kash, kasmir, get at em girl...

what the fuck ya niggaz know about grease?
i got enough to put in ya piece, bust bust ten in piece
make ya back bend in a crease, thats what you get offend a beast
you hatin me like i was a friend of kelis
load, cock back and release
bad bitch crackin ya piece, bulletholes in the back of your peeps
always catch niggaz comin from the back with the heat
love to watch they knees buckle when they smack the concrete
you aint gotta love me just respect the bitch
scared to fight me, get your girls, so i can wet the bitch
who gives a fuck who ya old lady be
i put holes in ya old lady tee if she fuckin with me
you know my niggaz stan, jynx, loose,???, x
ya niggaz switchin occupations, cuz they heard we next
no niggaz above mine, cuz no niggaz above mine
and that shits in my heart, cuz its in my fuckin bloodline...


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