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i miss you ark sz

i know that my savior lives
and at the end, he will stand on this earth
my flesh may be destroyed, yet from this body, i will see god
yes, i will see him for myself - and i long for that moment

grandma, i really miss you and it aint been the same
i drop a tear when i, hear yo name
mariella holloway, why you gotta be so far away?
used to say, "dont worry, its gon be okay"
but it aint - its like when you left, you took the lord witchu
why couldnt i come when he came to get you?
damn i really miss you - i had to say it again
i remember the time when i was like ten
crept up in the neighbors yard, yeah, bein hard headed
you told me i would get it - you said it!
and boy did i get it, but after you spanked me, you hugged me
kissed me on my forehead, told me that you love me
and i saw, that it hurt you, more than it hurt me
i thought - how bad could this hurt be? i know now
thats why its only done out of love
what i wouldnt give for one mo hug, from grandma

[chorus: faith evans]
baby its gon be okay (she used to tell me that)
baby its gon be okay (i really miss hearin)
baby its gon be okay (she used to tell me that)
baby its gon be okay (i really miss hearin)

what im about to say a couple of family members is gon hate me
but ima let you know whats been goin on lately
now you know since you left, a lot of things witcho kids done changed
yeah jackies still crazy, dont know whats up with james
aint seen jerry in a while, you know he walk like you
and renees back in jail, you know she talk like you
riculahs(?) doin real good now, she workin
rhondas still runnin around, trickin, jerkin
buckeyes buggin, he done lost his mind
and jarvis? back out of jail, doin fine
kylie? he done changed, it aint all about self
as for my father.. well, thats somethin else
but thats my dog, he hold his grandmother down
my great grandmother, makin a lot of trips out of town
but thats a good thing, and if i could only hear you sing
once more, oh lord, the comfort it would bring


you left behind a mother (and) eleven kids (and) eleven grandkids
and since then, two of yo grandkids done had kids
they had a boy named tacoma, xaviers brother, thats right
xaviers means you a great grandmother
i thank you for the best times of my life
i thank you for when you first met her, accepted and lovin my wife
i thank you for those sunday dinners, they were vital
i thank you for my - life, i thank you for the bible
i thank you for the songs that you sing in the mornin
(amazing grace..) while im yawnin
i thank you for the two beatings you gave me
cause i know somewhere along the line
the lesson i learned from the two beatings saved me
and when you died i cried like a baby, i begged the lord to take me
cause no one else could give me what you gave me
but life like everything comes to an end
i pray i go to heaven to see you again - amen

[chorus] - repeat 2x

[faith evans]
amazing grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
i once was lost, but now im found
was blind, but now i see, yeahhh


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