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friend of mine ark sz

uh-oh! (growls)
dont tell me!(growls)
dont tell me its another one of these pk joints!
not another p. killer joint!
oh my motherfuckingod!
uh, uh, uh

you better stop that
before i come ridin back (right back)
right back to you (back to you)
i know you wouldnt like that (oh no)
we dont need no (we dont need no)
extra offer see (we dont need no)
wasnt really no friend of mine (wasnt no friend)
wasnt really no friend of mine (of mine)

[verse 1]
im part of the meek, started to speak, at age 10
other kids were ridin bikes, but that was the age when
i became a man, learned to stand, on my own
one dog, no bone, so young, so grown
kid left home, shit got harder, kid got smarter
did my part of the bad shit, i was the starter
came from the heart of the hood, not lookin too good
fuckin did what i could; ready to bitch in the wood
for all the shit you do, just when you think you sly
what goes around, comes around, the wrong damn time
maybe too late, but damn, i shoulda did that back then
shoulda thought about that then, now come on out the den
slowly, come on; keep your hands where i can see ?em
you dont know me, but we already got wifey tied up in the bm
and know who set you up? that bitch with the crazy ass!
another shorty, another party of your shady past!


[verse 2]
god dont like ugly, all that love me, wanna plug me
but fuck me, its about ?is this really what you want g??
the more dirt you do, the more dirt you get
more fake niggas that ride, thatll jerk your dick
the more you think your slick, but somebody sees everything
sometimes the thieves never hang
they remain, outlaws, wild dogs, outdoors
strippin cats about yours, its all about claws
beggin, scratchin, weighin and matchin
you stayin with the batch, and playin with what you catchin
do unto others, as you would have others do unto you, thats under you
you must first separate from, then connect with
fuckin with that x shit (what), ?cos this the best shit (what)
motherfuck the rest bitch (what), its all about this (what)
do what you do, and you get what you get!


[verse 3]
see what it boils down to, is that it all comes through
remember what you do, cause its gon come true
a little harder than you did it, but thats the way it is
i aint know it be like this, but thats the way it is
keep fuckin with them kids, cause they all get grown and shit
when they get they own, whats gon been that you shown ?em?
fuck how to take a bone? how to rob a nigga of his throne?
how to be left standin alone?
get a nigga gone, that aint right
do it yourself, be a man and fight
nigga earn your stripes, i damn sure earned mine
i already know your language, now try to learn mine
dig ?til you find, and when you find you keep
i done spelled it out for you, but you niggas is still asleep
6 feet deep, was just around the corner
be surprised how many niggas, wanna, wanna!

[chorus x2]


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