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flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood ark sz
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flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood ark sz

flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood
flesh of my flesh, blood of my bloooood!!!!!!
flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood
all my niggas get down like what?
flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood
all my niggas get down like what?

my dogs is dogs with official blood line
i say stop being greedy, get a plate if you want mine
why them niggas always force you to take it back to the streets?
can i atleast go one year with out spittin the heat?
motherfuckers think its sweet until you get your chest messed up
two days later hes dressed up, let him rest up
he aint going no where, no time soon
remember high noon? the last thing he heard was boom!
can i get some room or do i have to make me a path?!
break you in half make, fake niggas make me laugh!
yall niggas is funny, still talking about money
and they aint got none
get the shotgun cuz you hungry
its about to get ugly when the lights is out
one, two, three hold, thats three strikes you out!
his knife was out, i think they found it, still in his head
he in a bag, and im over here, killing his man!

chorus: x4
flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood
all my niggas get down like what?

i no longer see the shadow that once kept me strong
and im starting to get that same feeling that once kept me wrong
cant afford to trust niggas, cuz niggas, lust figgas
plus niggas, scared to bust niggas
whats niggas, doing with the heat?
and they aint killing nothing but time
fucking with the streets and you aint feeling nothing but mine
tired of hearing niggas rhyming, and dont say shit!
fuck is on them niggas minds?
why dont they quit?!
sucking my dick, looking for something new
let your man hold something with your hold something crew
you know how niggas do, we dont forget shit
if you was there when it was thin
then you were there when it was thick!
no hitch hikers, fuck that, the ryde was ruff!
and every nigga that was with us, the die was ruff!
alotta niggas that were with us, aint cried enough!
so now you niggas come and get us, we fires em up!

chorus: x4

motherfuckers, thought that the x was stop
but i got niggas like, yo whos the next to drop?
from his camp, if the stamped ran camp is official
think when you die, then how many is gonna miss you
lean over in your casket and kiss you
send you on your way with a blessing
and pray was good enough to learn a lesson
smith and wesson ended moneys life
now moneys wife is a widdow

(gave it two full blasts?)

nah dog, just a little
besides rap, i dont talk but make plenty of moves
ill murder ten of you fools
before your men and them choose
and either, one of you lose
and not, let all you win
even if it means i gotta shed, blood again
keep the bank account, doublin
but dont hate me
really thought that what you said would either make me or break
know it and dont take me
knowing it right!
matter of fact, i think i dropped another, soul tonight!

chorus: x4


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