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damien ark sz

uh def jam
uh ruff rydes
uh my nigga t.p. creep wit me

why is it every move i make turns out to be a bad one?
wheres my guardian angel?
need one, wish i had one
im right here shorty, and ima hold you down
you tryin to fuck hootie bitches?
ima show you how
but who?
names d like you
but my friends call me damien
and ima put you in this up there
up out this game we in
you and me could take it there
and youll be the hottest nigga ever livin
thats a given?
youll see
hmmm, thats what i been wantin
all my life
thinkin bout my little man
so i call my wife
yo, yo dadda is about to make it happen
what you mean my nigga?
im about to make it, rappin
today i met this cat
he said his name was damien
he thinks that were a lot alike
and wants to be my friend
you mean like chuckie?
ha ha, yeah just like chuckie
dadda, looks like we both lucky

the snake, the rat, the cat, the dog
how you gon see em if you livin in a fog?
the snake, the rat, the cat, the dog
how you gon see em if you livin in a fog?

a yo d
what up d?
you the smoove nigga
i seen you when nobody know who pulled the trigga
yeah you know, its always over dough
you sure? i coulda swore it was over a ho
naw, naw, that aint my style
nigga you stay frontin
but you still my man
and i aint gon say nothin
pass the weed, go head smoke it
go head, drink it
go head and fuck shortie
know i can keep a secret
im about to have you drivin
probably a benz
but we gotta stay friends
blood out blood in
sounds good to me, fuck it
what i got to lose?
nothin i could think of
any nigga would choose
got me pushin the whips
takin trips across seas
pockets stay laced
nigga i floss gs
for that nigga, i would bleed
give him my right hand
now that i think about it
yo, thats my man

chorus x2

you like how everything is goin?
you like what i gave you?
you know if you was goin down
id be the one to save you
but yo i need a favor
these cats across town hate me
plus their behavior hasnt been too good lately
what, anything for you dog
where them niggaz at?
38th and broadway
aight, lemme get the gat
run up on em strapped
bust off caps in 4 niggaz
lay low for bout a month
then kill 2 mo niggaz
now im ready to chill
but you still want me to kill
look at what i did for you dog
come on, keep it real
aight, fuck it, ima do it
who is it this time?
a yo remember that kid shaun
you used to be with in 89?
naw, thats my man
i thought i was yo man
but yo thats my nigga
hey, whos yo biggest fan?
either do it, or give me yo right hand
thats what you said
i see now aint nothin but trouble ahead
uh huh

chorus x2

to be continued mother fuckers


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