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born loser ark sz

the born loser not because i choose to be
but because all the bad shit happens to me
i got kids but their mothers dont want them to know me
sisters used to like me but now they call me "homie"
used to have a family now im out on my own
had to scrap with a pit because i tried to take his bone
bitches dont like me they dont kiss me or hug me
they call me "kill pretty" because im mad ugly
i used to get pussy, but i busted off quick
now i gets none so i gotta beat my dick
times are hard in the ghetto, i gotta steal for a living
eating turkey-flavored now & laters for thanksgiving
if that aint enough, life is rough i swear
i dont have an address so i cant get welfare
they kicked me out the shelter because they said i smelled a
little like the living dead and looked like helter skelter
my clothes are so funky, theyre bad for my health
sometimes at night my pants go to the bathroom by themself
even when i was little nothing went my way
i got beat up and chased home from school every day
and despite the fact i want all the brothers bees
on my report card, i didnt get fs, i got cs
but for those who choose to snooze
cause i was born with no hope, i got nothing to lose

the born loser, a title i was branded with
went to liberty island, and got stranded with
the statue of liberty, but they didnt really have to
leave my black ass there until the day after
no time for laughter, this shits for real
ribs are showing through my back cause i havent had a meal
in a week, you can see bones in my hands
the raccoons beat me to the garbage cans
im starving marvin, and it shouldnt be like that
the only thing that im carving is an alley cat
but sometimes in the daytimes i dream of a manwich
but all im really eating is an oxygen sandwich
for those that dont know, thats two pieces of bread strapped together
or ill have a rain sandwich, depending on the weather
born loser caught up in the game
and i aint even got nobody to blame

the born loser, yeah, that used to me my m-o
when i couldnt get a soul to listen to my demo
doors shut in my face until i started jamming them
im behind the doors now and im the one slamming them
i did what i had to to get where i got
though ill admit what i had to do was a lot
i gave it a shot, and sometimes i had to shoot
catching vics just to get a little loot
i thought it was cute and didnt care who knew
mess around, get in my way and ill bag you, too
cause i was born to lose straight from the beginning
in the dugout because i struck out the first inning
winning was everything, thats why i had to
ask my man to find the loot, and he said "id be glad to"
now who needs a major label? we got our own
im the divine master of the unknown
aint nothing changed, im the same as before
when oppoertunity knocked i just answered the door
criminal at heart even though i dont show it
i was always a winner but i just didnt know it


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