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back in one piece ark sz

(do you know what a dog needs?)
dog needs a...(grr..) x2

baby i am what i am
im gonna be who i be
everything from chasing the cats
to pissing on a tree.

let me see what i gotta see
do what i gotta do
dog for life!!!
but keep it true.

every once in a while
ill break out the backyard to roam
when i get back
i still know that
home is home!

and when i get there im gonna sit there.
take it up there,
who the fucks there,
handing them my biggest... who? what?
then i run until i bust my gun in,
ya gotta be quick,
and when i come home
i gotta go so just give me the whip.
i aint got time for the lip,
just open the fence.
let me go,
ill come back,
i aint got time to convince.
ever since i was a pup
ive been stuck on the streets.
to keep the heat,
ya gotta eat,
ill pass in a week,
because im out there wanted all of those times i done it.

i know youd kill for me, die for me,
i know you like to rip and run the streets.
but i get worried sometimes baby,
i cant help to think, you might not make it
home to eat, i fell asleep.
now would you pick up a phone,
call me at home so i
know you aint in some heat,
and dont go crying alone ya know im looking out for
you because your looking out for me.

can you make this promise to me, that youll be back in one piece? x5 piece
piece piece.......


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