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aint no way ark sz

cmon its almost over
swizz beats
(uh uh)
(uh uh uh)
ride or die
what what what what
aint no way your gonna stop my flow
aint no way yall niggas just dont know
when niggas is about to go
oh no oh no
aint no way your gonna stop my shine
aint no way yall niggas gonna stop mine
yall niggas must be out your mind
i dont know why
now what the fuck is you niggas pressin me for?
its on more ass than a hoe
and you stressin the raw
if i was testin your jaw maybe then you would respect me
but you cant respect me
cause you dont even know me nigga
check me
im that motherfucker that will put you to sleep while you sleeping
big dot from 100 feet
you just knew you was creepin
but bad decisions lead to
last decisions
fast collision
now your ass is missing
kick it over there
now you bring it back to the streets
have you forgotten what it means when a dog shows his teeth?
let me break it down for you
hes about to attack you!
still standing here faggot?
you must want me to smack you
you aint been there or done that
what the fuck is yall niggas tellin me?
and the only nigga walking the streets with four felonies
but peep this
i shit is hard
niggas are struggling
so leave rap alone for a little while
go back to hustling
give it to niggas just how they give it to me
hit em in the rhyme because im an mc
been a lot of places most niggas wont see
thats why im at a level that yall niggas wont be
let your men hold something now he want more
you aint no fucking killer what with the front four
there was a time when the world was at your front door
now they change places
niggas want more
niggas laughed at me and was mad at me
cause the way life was going had to be a tradgedy
after me its over ima take the whole verse
try to keep it real thats why i let yall niggas go first
but you looked the -- right in the mouth
didnt appreciate what you got when you got it
so if i see it ima dot it
better hide it
you got a car?
better drive it the fuck up out of here
and hope and pray i dont pull up alongside it
niggas dont know so i gotta flip
it seems they forgotten how dark it get get
bark like a pit
scratch when i hit
we both know you pussy but you stay talking shit
what ima have to do dog run up in your rest
catch you while you comfortable put one up in your chest
run up in your vest of course they the hollows
you going away today you just lost tomarrow
ima go platinum
gots to be kidding
make it double platinum
no bullshitin
and ima stay flippin flows
rippin shows
strippin hoes
gettin doe
letting go
and niggas know who the best is
the dog dmx is
the rest is or might as well be helpless
im reckless
cause when i wreck shit
i might snatch a niggas necklace
then go from like midnight to breakfast
ayo we brought niggas back to some robot shit with this one dogg
for real
real mechanical baby
shit is hot
(aint gonna stop my flow)
swizz beats
(yall niggas just dont know)
ruff ryders
(yall niggas is about to go oh no oh no)
(no way your gonna stop my shine)
(yall niggas wont never stop mine)
you must out your motherfucking mind
ha ha
i love it, i love it


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