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we still party ark sz

aint no puzzle yall, we, uh,
groovin off the spirituality, and it feels good.
i got somethin to say though.

(verse 1):
its time for somebody to take over the west coast power with fly style,
and im the one, been here for years so check your file
cuz im the kinda nigga with a strong desire
to nutt up, light a torch, and set the world on fire!,
see me bouncin in my vette, doin donuts in the middle of a?seater?
wit?rolarita?, tryin to find some place to eat her
cuz im freaky with a capital l
ill eat that poor little piper peter til there aint nothing left
im nasty
see, we gets better when you think we hot,
and we got more cheddar than they think we got
cuz see we make the kinda money that when we withdrawl
they notify the feds cuz its too much yall
what you call a stash, we call the petty cash,
spend five or six figures a month?aint nothing gash?
party all night, then we sleep all day,
drink corona x for breakfast then we ready to play
i still like a green eyed big ol titties and thighs
big ol nigger, little heart, and im big into thighs
so shoot your game baby girl, dont be scared to take a pet
you never know, it just might be wet

we still party, it gets high
sometimes we dont feel grown-up and thats no lie
so we party, til we die
cuz life is much too short for you to not be fly

(verse 2):
now other night i be drunk off a gallon a moet
i can still make the beats stink like some salmon croquette
go to the hood and get all the kids that i can fit
in a limo take em to the store and buy em some shit
give em a demo of my new shit cuz its the shit
and let em know that they the shit
and they can make hits cuz it aint shit
i gotta keep the cycle goin, baby doll,
whichever way that they be blowin under,
higher than a motherfucker, mr. dante,
cmon b back me up pitch in everyday,
whether its hot, whether its cold,
whether its soft, whether its bold,
whether its new, whether its old,
whether its gold, or platinum, stack em,
dante, baby dog, we be fly,
freestylin like a motherfucker dont ask why,
cuz this aint budweiser,
"bud", "weis", "er",
"did you see the, thighs on her?"
we nastier then a motherfucker baby doll,
can i freak your shit, and, uh, break the shit the wall down?
up to the compound?, uh huh
elements, feel my elephant, hahaha


now can yall feel that? see, aint nothing but god mackin goin on right
now, see? da game is to be told and not sold dependin on which game it is,
and we gon keep it way real, you know? cuz it aint no doubt in nobodys
mind that im a very blessed individual, there. if we dont turn it around and
give it back than we cant we cant go forward, its up to you. thats what we
do everytime we get on this microphone, we let em know that we might be
street rappers, but we are very much in order, and we got somethin to say. so
if you feelin me like we feelin yall, get yo ass up on the ball. time to
take this shit back. all of it. cuz it was ours to begin with. dont sleep
baby. dont sleep homey. now when the hook come back again,

(fade out)


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