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street level entrance ark sz

ahehah, guess who motherfuckers?
[i dont give a fuck, my attitude is gotti] yeah
[and im hard to love, cause i dont love nobody] hell nah
[all i give a fuck about is music and sex]
[a fifth of remi martin and some big fat checks]

yeahhhhh! hahahah
back up in this motherfucker for the n-fin
and this one is dedicated, to the westside of the tree
four hundred block, you know what im sayin?
and this is still eiht killa
and fuck all his old scary ass homeboys too
nineteen ninety-one
just when all these other rappers seem to be fallin by the wayside
we put a team together and came out with some of that ol fonky shit
but during the course of then and now
some of my homeboys went hollywood, now i aint gon say no names
but they know who the fuck im talkin to
and its all to the good, cause this is still p-funk on mine, huh

-singing- street level, street level, street level
quik is funkin that street level

now you can play like you dont know what the fuck im talkin about
but you know whats happenin, nigga

-singing- street level, street level, street level
quik is funkin that street level

hell yeah
now its nineteen ninety-five
but weve been on the scene for a minute, you know what im sayin
and i come to realize one motherfuckin thing
and its some real shit (yes it is)
that fonk without with the p, just aint fonky enough for me
see you gots to keep tha p in it, cause thats the only way
they gon really understand it
you know what the fuck im sayin?
hell yeah, heheh

-singing- street level, street level, street level
quik is funkin that street level

cause fohundred block is in this motherfucker
foever, bitch!
so fuck all you old mark ass niggaz
and now...


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