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speed ark sz

i rough voco, for my locos.
my nigga hi-c, 2nd ii none, amg

and the q-u the new
you knew
i (?) to any particular groove
i came ok now
check it if you want to but its all in vein
because me game is stil the same
fill me as i fill you in
i never rode a pony but im genuine
so give me just a little bit of nicotine
and a sticky greeen
and im a hit it with the icky cream
booyah i hit her on the neck with a whip
and made the hooker jump without a safety net
hit the ground break her back
get up and do it again because she can really take a shot on the chin
caffeine cappucino chase it with some no-doz
up all night like the moon glows
searching for new hoes
they really want to follow my lead
indeed and give a nigga just what i need

when im on speed
im faster then most
and i can rock a party from coast to coast

the q-u-i-k is the name i spell
124 beats per minute i rock well
because im tight to the second power
when i hit the liquor
and i dont serve emcees
im serve dickas
bang bang boogie
when i hit a shot of loogie
and the booger try to put it on me
but i get that moves to show her
i flaunt it like noah
i strut backside like a boa
constrictor when i dicked her down
game feel just like a circus clown when i work this
jack of all trades
master to few
test these test these 1, 2
gettin down with my nigga am to the g in the pm
hookers wanna see him
big cat callin
superfat ballin
give us what we need
when im on speed

chorus 4x

faster then the concord
on board
call me the pilot
baby better let me know shes excited
in the testerosa
sipppin memosas
girls want me to sign posters
international with the steelo
got hookers from cancoun to reo
fire (?ignite it?)
but we dont even try it
you cant but it
got freaks have to hide it
hit the weed up
then turn the speed up
the booty from the backs the only way i eat up
quicker than jackie chan
i search off the goochi like a rubber band
you want to be more than the average man
but the hoe needs more a job in a man
and a retirement plan
so baby dont cry the blues
cause i know a gang of hoes in your shoes

chorus 4x
la da la da da da (till fade)


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