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[2nd ii none]
all the way from the hood
one chocolate nigga up to no good
yo i gotta watch my back, cause its like that
too many fools on a mission
tryin to put in work for a hood they aint even got they ass in
everybody got beef, with me and my crew
but aint nobody step yet (so what the fuck they do?)
talkin all day shit
runnin they motherfuckin lip worried about who a blood or crip
man, fuck the red and the blue team
fool, my color runs green
and itll stay as i choose
and if my homies aint down, they catchin the blues
they wanna stab me in my back huh?
but soon as they do, im comin back at cha
the same go for a bitch
she wanna fuck and be good, til the money maker switch
and then im out on my limbs
be got a grip on myself, and kicked the bitch to the wind
cause my trust goes to no one (yup)
and sometimes - i cant trust my damn self!
its a god damn shame
aint no reason to blame, one fool or one game
but its life and a nigga gotta deal with it
man, im just tired of the bullshit

[dj quik]
now if the gangsta shit is what youre cravin for
and the funky ass tape is what youre savin for
then look no further, cause im the brother
and ima break it down and kick the shit once more
now the niggaz tryin to disrespect the q they get knocked out
niggaz tryin to disrespect the crew they get drug out
niggaz tryin to catch a nigga slippin get snuffed out
and bitches tryin to set a nigga up they get carried out
and yeah that bucket that you ridin in, when the glock roar
thats the same motherfucker youll be hidin in
fifteen holes, flat tires and youre windows gone
now whats really goin on?
from denver to phoenix and even st. louis
everywhere we went, fools tried to do us
and to the suckaz thinkin that a nigga wouldnt steal
how your jaw feel, and is your nose healed?
somewhere along the line they musta heard the rumor
of my underground days mixed with bangin and humor
and when i got on stage, they all jumped in my way
shoutin, "whattup cuz?" just to see what id say
but i aint trippin, just checkin a grip
i aint crippin or even ruinin bloodn, just smokin a budn
gettin bent, so if you wanna see me throw a full fit
then come up in my face with that bullshit


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