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hand in hand ark sz

ha ha yeah check it out money & pussy make the world go round
(thats right) thats how its been since the beginning of time.

now who says we cant be fly?
who say compton niggas cant get they scrilla
at the same time get some thigh
well uh thats the subject of my conversation
cause aint nothin like gettin a dollar & some penetration
now thats a whole lot easier to understand now a days
but uh some of you playas still be going out sideways
so umm just take this game with a tic tac
cause if you was on skid row you can get
pussy faster than a big mac
i owe it to myself to be fly thats what top dog taught a boy
cause instead of mounds these bitches always want almond joy
because uhh "sometimes they feel like a nut"
but they rather have it more often than they dont
so i wont go flippin & makin it topsy turvy
now keep my hundred dollar bills crisp & that ass curvy
cause aint nuthin on my mind but to be fly through time
havin a nest egg bird behind an estate thats mine
watchin jordan go for forty in a sucker tub
eatin cheetos drinkin mo & getting a back scrub
because first you get the power then you get the money
then you get the pussy dude dont be no dummy uhh

chorus el debarge:
playas get they paper when they game is tight
and if you want some nana thats for you to decide
but as long as you aint simpin then ya doin it right
cause together they go hand in hand oh yeah

she wanna make me break code but i cant
i wanna fire it up & hit it pass it like dank
baby all in my square big buddha long hair
fly chinese & black for a mack plus player
d baby ima get ya hot wanna get ya full blown
so we all can hit the spot (now you gotta shake the spot)
got game by the tons lookin for some 2nd ii none
kinda fun but these hookers on the run for cover
they lookin for lovers aint no trickin young d
cause im unlike the others not a buster
im on the mission for figures time up for you diggers
(now who got the henn?) pass the liquor
hoes hear the name it gets em hotter
spin a scraggler on a wheel now they call me d the potter
lotta hatin going on but i aint with it
ima mash on that drama everytime that i feel it
cause id rather have a major end than have sex
and when i have a million to splurge you know whats next
but first you get the power then you get the money
then you get the pussy fool dont be no dummy


el debarge talking:
yeah first comes the power then the money heh
and if you really just want it the
na na na na la di da na na na la di da

i understand that you think you grown
independant on ya own with ya jazzy ways
my intent is ya lay but first im out to get paid not played
cant be yo incredible edible egg
i dont crack nor split my yolk with the female folk
now baby break yourself get broke you can choke
off this young black better than mary jane
in ya brain im guaranteed to have ya thinkin & feelin thangs
like yourself now uhh watch ya health if ya feel like plottin
ya body turns rotten from the inside out that pussys turned out
getting hit by a sucker a 2 minute brother
whos first 10 seconds is thinkin he came up
that next full minute suckin ya drama up
50 seconds to go see half of that is the show
now where the other half you cant laugh
cause you know its straight simpin & whinin
stead of pimpin & grindin kkll let you know
so pay attention bro
see first you get the power then you get the money
then you get the pussy dont be the dummy though

chorus 4x


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