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good n plenty ark sz

listen honey cant you see
that im the one thats gonna turn you out
and make you feel so much pleasure
ill light the fire and turn the light way down low
our flame will burn all night

when your bodys next to mine
youre giving up that sexy vibe
i wanna take you to another level baby

so when you need a special feeling
all you gotta do is call me up oh
ill give you good and plenty of it
when youre feeling down and low
all you gotta do is let me know yeah
ill give you good and plenty of my love

hey hey sugar the time has come
for you to let down your guard and accept all of my precious treasures
ill share my secrets and open my heart to you
it can only get sweeter baby

im gonna take the time
to make your love all mine
come on lets take it to another level baby

your bodys next to mine
youre giving up that sexy vibe
im gonna take us to another level oh

ive got plenty of good love
its waiting right here for you baby
so come on and take it
im ready and willing


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