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time bomb ark sz

well i, i am a time bomb and i, i lay forgotten at the bottom of your heart... im fine ticking, away the hours to blow your world apart

well i, i am a poison and i, i instill caution in your bloodstream like a ghost, like wine, gathering vintage the day i hurt the most

i, i am a land mine and i, i lay on the soil burned out the battles you thought youd won, ive got time... to wait for the footprints.. the memory thats on the run...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

i, i am a tar pit and i, i swell like a living thing all at the slightest touch.. a black grime, yeah, swallowing everything.. a cold and timeless clutch

i, i am a trip wire, and i, im stretching across the road youre barreling down tonight...a finished wire, waiting to be released right beyond your sight

i, i am a fault line and i, im pulling apart the ground that lay beneath your newest seed.. so fine, moving an inch an hour a caution you wont know, you dont know, you think so (missing word)

well i, i am a time bomb i only live in that one moment in which you die... its not right, its not what i wanted then but you know and i know theres no going back

i, i am a lost soul and i, i send out a sickened light for anyone to see... a cry for help, a warning to stay away.. perverted.. blinded... reaching in darkness....why


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