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the love war ark sz

everybody here is a freak, and if you disagree you¹re even weirder...the world should disinherit the meek, so let¹s go for broke and arm the gates of authority...its what we allow, and if we¹re better looking then victory is ours... to spin the bottle, baby, and how, we¹ve got a war to win, let¹s win it now

the love war was won with a single love bullet from a love gun and the plan has love for everyone! don¹t be left out when a love war breaks out yeah, oh-wah-oh-wah-oh-oh --- in this town to not be getting down yeah, oh-wah-oh-wah-oh-oh and every day could be valentine¹s day (oh, oh, oh, yeah!)

lovin¹ is a threat to the man, and if he had his way he¹d squash it out right... despising what he can¹t understand, so arm yourself and defend your letter try to make a joke of it might but the history of freedom will never be denied... the carriers of libertys lights: oh, jefferson, voltaire, thomas paine, and barry white! the love war was waged by a million love soldiers in a love rage, and the plan is fighting every day! better pick a side when the love war arrived yeah, oh-wah-oh-wah-oh-oh lives to be loved and the love war needs you all yeah, oh-wah-oh-wah-oh-oh --- in this town to not be getting down yeah, oh-wah-oh-wah-oh-oh and every day would be valentines day and everyone would love to choose to love in their own way so do your part; the traitors are kissed at dawn, that¹s what they say and every day could be valentines day


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