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the face of the earth ark sz

as kisses go, it wasnt anything out of the ordinary.. the alkaline lips, her fingers zipped around my belt...she had to go, she took a step back in and then she started to smile, i heard a funny sound, and everything seemed to shift,.. yeah

a crazy wail, a funny shutter of a bad magnetic event, a ghost ran through is, moving like a shadow on the ground... i wasnt sure, i thought that something happened but i didnt know what, the moment seemed to fail, and i turned my eyes back to hers.. thats when i saw, i freeze the look of pre-alert and study it still, her smile starts to loosen, her pupils yawn wide and then shes blown... from the face of the earth

there was no gust of wind, no noise, no nothing just a body jerked skyward, limbs flailing like an unloved marionette, at impossible speed, receding away like a far away dot...i can see her still, scream for help but no one answered... she turned end on end like a long lost astronaut, i felt the summer air reclaim me, the chirp of a bird, the whisper of leaves, and i was frozen... to the face of the earth

i never really knew the way she lived her life, i thought that something happened but she never called back, i didnt know her family or friends at all... with no one to call, summer turned into fall, i gave up... its been a couple years and i guess im fine about it, its not like we were married it was three or four months, and nothings really different though it seems like ive spent my life in planes, which is kind of strange, but i dont know....... yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, yeah


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