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sentimental man ark sz

there is no heaven and theres no hell
no limbo inbetween -- i think its all a lie
just a white light out to velvet black
and back to neutral gray -- thats all when we die

there is no fate that divides our day
no spirits hard at work, no unseen hand at play
people talk like its a given thing
i dunno what they mean -- nor, i suspect, do they
i guess thats ok

but how do you know im not a sentimental man?
is it really so hard to see these things? i guess it is
i really dont know why, i think its right there
nobodys perfect, but im doing what i can
and you best believe ill keep it real

im an old testament kind of guy
i like my coffee black, and my parole denied
even as i flake on every deal
i ever made with myself before the ink could dry
i should keep that one inside...

how do you know im not a sentimental man?
is it really so hard to catch that vibe? i guess it is
i couldnt tell you why, i think its plain to see
certain distaster, and i really couldnt say how the fuck i let this get that far

how do you know im not your biggest fan?
can you really make this case so clear? i think you cant
i dont know why you try, i think its all a game
im under the covers and im telling you goodnight
cos i plan to have some real fine dreams


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