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secret curse ark sz

secret curse
anonymous hex on flavorless food and terrible sex
a day of no rhythm a night of no rest
and i do not know what sin i have not confessed

secret curse
terrible blight im deafened by sound and blinded by light
caught when i flee and beat when i fight and im cocky when wrong
and timid when right and i dont know what crimes have yet to come to light

but its getting worse
indelible mark, tired at noon, wired at dark
a terrible bite, but never a bark, i dont know what else i can do

i dont know who you are... please, im sorry

secret curse
unwashable stain, ugly when bold, boring when plain
stricken with pleasure and taken with pain
and im nervous and lost and i can not refrain

secret curse
unsingable song, melody weird, getting it wrong
pussy when tender and brutal when strong
and im losing my friends as were getting along
and i really do try to run that fast and long but it gets there first

invisible eye, sad if i laugh, mad if i cry
screwed if i live, screwed if i die
i try and i try and i dont know what else i can do


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