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pay for the piano ark sz

people my people -- the cat in the steeple --
and everyone here i need your ear so be cool for a few
i feel a funny emotion, a negative notion
a tear in the air, an unseen stare, if im wrong then im wrong
what i say?

senors and senoras -- they cannot ignore us --
we know that they know the score, its there at the core --always been
and we could give it up all nice, or put it on cold ice
while that could suffice i give these dreams up in hell -- ring a bell --
what i say?

somebodys got to pay for the piano
somebodys got to make sure we honor everyone
i know if we can forfeit all our sorrow, it may as well be us

people my people, supreme to my equal
say not a word i know youre tired so am i, i could cry
you know you knew it would be hard to play such a bad card
lower your guard to unseen harm cos youre scarred, i can see
and the people that need you say the couldnt read you
you plant em a seed they claim they loved all the weeds
so you flee -- what i say?

so people my people -- the cat in the steeple --
and everyone here i know your fear like a friend -- i contend --
commandos commandettes, it wasnt a sure bet
but nothing good was and what should or could be does what it can

its a quiet and sad choice you hear in your own voice
i know what id like and i cant say anymore: je tadore
so break it down...


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