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following through ark sz

it coulda been good
it coulda been something special
it may have had real potential
it never could show
it coulda been great
it could been something alright
but we never did keep it that tight
so whaddya know?
i get up at 5am i so dont need those dreams that i used to have

it coulda been swell
it coulda been off the hook now
if we ever had what it took now
i havent a clue
i think its as well
we may have been on the right track
finding all the pieces we lack
but what can you do?
now i see that these are cards we drew some time ago, so if you dont know:

i can do it anywhere with anyone at anytime dont you forget
this is my life and its going to be good, dont you know
not a promise or a threat or an ultimatum, though i can do that too
im just telling you, ive got this life ive got to live
im just following through

i dishonor the past
being so loose with my time
i could stand accused of high crimes
in the court of the dead
and i could be next
on a page about to turn soon
so im movin my ass at high noon
you heard what i said
i could say i hope im not misread, but thats all right
im quite ok with losing that fight


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