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come home ark sz

called in sick to work today, i couldnt have gotten a damn thing done....but anyhow

made myself some coffee and i listened to the rain rattling leaves, yeah.

told myself theres nothing wrong and stared right through the paper for a long, long time

stuck inside your dream so long it wears you out and tears you out....and thats a fact

cold light comes to clear the fog away from time to time....itll be back soon

used to think that justice had to root for happy lives, but now im not so sure at all

come home why dont you come home i could not remember why you left and id rather been happy than right this time

ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

called my dad to check in and to maybe find some common sense...more or less

he says common sense is such a scam, and im like dad, what do you mean, oh

since youre either wrong or right and life will go another way, whatever you chose....but i dont

----and/ well hank its all right..let bitterness go

(dont/ no uncontrollable dead) or

(its uncontrollable dad)

and a little do not know... and it should be as easy as telling the sky from the stars(accurate) i dont know (repeats x6)

called in sick to work today i couldnt have gotten a damn thing done


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