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automatic ark sz

i dunno what brings you round again
i dunno what sends you on your way again, its not for me to say
theres a bright light right around the bend
see it bathe us both in that fluorescent glow, so monstrous and final

i could see you through the dirty waves
smiling like a vampire as you disappeared beneath the whitecaps
but a man cant live for what he saves
i could feel my toes curl through the yellow sand as i watched you slip away

once again the politics of common sense: you do and i dont
i could tell you its not true but whats the use, its automatic
caught inbetween

was a star that once burned crazy red
an ashen globe that spins with dead momentum lost in absolute space
even as this wavelength pulses dread
linger like the cold burn of electric shocks, so slow to fade away

once again the fireworks of bad ideas: you will and i wont
light the sky with long-gone hate that comes from where its automatic
caught inbetween


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