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jar of kingdom ark sz

unleash your swimming life
allow it to be caught by science
lifes boundaries are beeing smashed
progress in natures defiance
existence without creation
life without conception
humanity pushes progress but is it in the right direction ? baby?


not knowing where you came from
professionally created
who were you spawned from?
frozen you have waited.

an after crop of technology, not knowign the warren crop of
flowing milk and honey. experiments no longer restricted to
animals as long as you got the money.

caught in a realm of fantasy - is an actual reality. life of mass
brutality, youre blossomed from modern surgery.

end the tears of infertile parents, embryos paused in time.
is your life an endless question or unnatural crime?

now you know, you have been told the truth about your life
your father was a sterile testtube, your mother a surgical knife

unable to carry a child so meek and mid - whos fault is this?
our seed shall blend with science in an alliance - our minds insist
so now you find your lifes and endless cause.

the endless question that haunts you - you can not pause
your parents say they are truly yours
answering questions, opening doors


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