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abstraction ark sz

help me!
i am watching atomic warfare from the safety of the moon
i am dancing sacrilegiously to sound of infectious tunes
there is no sunset, is no sunrise, things on earth dont seem as they are
the opal planet i once called home is revolving a dying star

awakening from crionic sleep i vacate my homely hemesphere
my soul travels on turbulent thoughts whilst my innards remain here
i feel pity for the ignorant one who leaves the egg but the shell remains
the severence of umbilical ties multiplys his deepest pains

thought the eyes in my head i hear the purple flowers scent
casting shadows in the shade
lusting for the gtaes of jade
though hallucinative wealth i can not comprehend myself
sterility, fertility - the life that dwells inside of me

i often stop to wonder whilst gazing to the sky
is there life beyond the quasars, will i find out when i die?
is there a beeing out there who gaze into the night
and see our burning sun as a tiny spark of flight?

[repeat verse one]


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