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exacting my revenge ark sz

alone i sit through this torture,
as i see this life passing me by.
years have withered and washed away all i thought i was once was.
you have sapped me of all my strength youre the reason my freedom is gone.
with this voice that ive found deep inside i swear revenge.
time will catch up to you, time is running out.
now its too late suffer in agony.
you condemned exacting my revenge.
i rise strong exacting my revenge.
long have i waited in silence, as i pondered the path i should take.
to maintain innocence lost in this battle torn land.
you the insurrectors, took away my wandering soul.
i embrace the fate i have drawn vengeance becomes my savior.
for too long i sat in this solitary hell.
you have tried to break my will,
i stay strong and bide my time.
remaining true to my self, and the cause that is my life.
you will never understand, what it is to sacrifice.
all my fears are brought to bear, unending sentence.
imprisoned for crimes against goverments.
which i have held in contempt.
i will not swear oaths or allegiance.
a war with out limit or end.
me condemned exacting my revenge.
i rise strong exacting my revenge.
i endure the torture that you have put me through.
i will seek my vengeance cleanse my soul.
by killing you destroying you


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