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disrepair ark sz

good people suffer the most fate plays its twisted game.
eternally lamenating i push right through the pain.
you did not deserve the weight that you were brought to bear.
if i couldve kept it from you id trade places.
life is fading. pulse weak.
heart stops beating.
not your time search for some kind of hope through all the blood and tears.
vehicle is battered and burned yet you still live.
through the tears through the darkness.
ill stay strong.
im overcome with feeling.
ill stay strong.
in my heart your always there guiding and protecting.
all my life.
i cried as you lay there staring back at me.
i didnt know if you could hear me or even see.
i sat and reflected all youve done for me.
what you sacrificed i see.
i need your guidance.
you helped me persevere.
now i see you lying there.
like a needle through my heart.
like my life in disrepair.
now is the time to live.
now is the time to fight.
you must try to live.
so much more to give.
cause i need you, you must live.
now is the time to live.
now is the time to fight.
i need you to live.
cant cope with out you.
so much more to give.
i need you...


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