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never again ark sz

ive seen the darkness
beat down on the world
demons awaken into the fallen souls
love crushed by the peoples folly
sometimes i become aware
and i remember,the cold light
my body which becomes taut
the blood which flows out
from their empty eyes
a smile driven my person
and the lady in white moves
toward me,shes afraid!

shes afraid
but wants to listen to me...

i dont want
to come back anymore
cause ive understood
the reason for this
will to live
experienced so many
and suffering in flesh
recognized in you
a part of me

this is our only chance
to keep the answers
weve acquired

a curse on humanity
a curse of life
a curse on me
a curse on you

shes afraid.shes afraid of me

come with me into the darkness
dive into your subconscious
together well win


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