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stoned ark sz

when youre stoned, baby, i am drunk
we make love seems a little dazzler
its hard sometimes not to look away
and think whats the point when im having to hold this fine time
i think ill explode if i cant feel this free now

if you wont let me fall for you
then you wont see the best things i would love to do for you
instead you will be missing me when i go
as i want to hang it out in your coat

i feel love baby, joy in the road
and the world moves with me
i feel love start just slip away silently
quietly take the things and go
and think whats the point, think wheres the hope when coming home


and if you find one day, find some freedom merrily
with this freedom maybe, maybe you will find some peace
with this peace baby, i hope it brings you back to me
bring you home, take me home


oh, take me home
oh, take me home
when youre stoned, baby, take me home


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