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beatles, beatles arklar, beatles ark szleri
1.a day in the life402
2.a hard days night490
3.a shot of rhythm and blues416
4.a taste of honey394
5.across the universe417
6.act naturally372
7.aint nothing shakin but the leaves on the trees387
8.aint she sweet488
9.all ive got to do560
10.all things must pass401
11.and i love her1094
12.babys in black533
13.cant buy me love486
15.carry that weight761
17.christmas time is here again563
19.come and get it347
20.come together378
21.cry baby cry398
22.crying, waiting, hoping370
23.day tripper405
24.dear prudence393
25.devil in her heart399
26.dig a pony385
27.dig it525
28.dizzy miss lizzy369
29.do you want to know a secret430
30.dont bother me478
31.dont ever change529
32.dont let me down536
33.dont pass me by507
34.drive my car391
35.eight days a week408
36.eleanor rigby386
37.every little thing372
38.everybodys got something to hide except for me and my monkey445
39.everybodys trying to be my baby472
40.fixing a hole371
41.for no one372
42.for you blue411
43.free as a bird386
44.from a window383
45.from me to you345
46.getting better401
48.glad all over371
49.glass onion458
50.golden slumbers439
51.good day sunshine454
52.good morning, good morning404
53.good night453
55.got to get you into my life406
56.hallelujah, i love her so418
57.happiness is a warm gun418
58.hello goodbye704
59.hello little girl398
61.helter skelter392
62.her majesty511
63.here comes the sun1883
64.here, there and everywhere376
65.hey bulldog458
66.hey jude460
67.hippy hippy shake810
68.hold me tight394
69.honey dont528
70.honey pie446
71.how do you do it421
72.i am the walrus431
73.i call your name474
74.i dont want to see you again540
75.i dont want to spoil the party488
76.i feel fine387
77.i forgot to remember to forget422
78.i got a woman452
79.i got to find my baby412
80.i just dont understand558
81.i me mine640
82.i need you418
83.i remember you384
84.i saw her standing there376
85.i should have known better393
86.i wanna be your man490
87.i want to hold your hand576
88.i want to tell you401
89.i want you shes so heavy823
90.i will475
91.i wish i could shimmy like my sister kate509
92.ill be back546
93.ill be on my way508
94.ill cry instead558
95.ill follow the sun558
96.ill get you538
97.ill keep you satisfied659
98.im a loser514
99.im down539
100.im gonna sit right down and cry over you439
101.im happy just to dance with you419
102.let it be2684
103.yellow submarine473
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