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another god ark sz

everyone knows me
everyone loves me
everyone dreads me
everyone respects me

soulless, maybe a wizard
free from... im just another god

everyone knows him
close at hand shades... a real presence
so far at the stars, behind this closed door
a sensation! the presence which gets away

soulless, maybe crazy
free from... im just another... god!

i dont have my own existence
but alone i respond to more than a thousand names
ive never appeared physically
but theyve portrayed me under multiple appearances
nestled in your unconscious
im born with the night, your night
from your obscurest thoughts
i stand out... master or fiend

im born with the night
i stand out mirror of your nightmares
im born with your night
ecstasys angel, the reign of terror

i can exhaust my soul
i can deride your pride
im free from all beliefs
im just another god

everyone knows him
everyone loves him
everyone dreads him
everyone respects him
soulless, maybe crazy
free from, im just another god!


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