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your congratulations ark sz

i wouldnt have compromised as much.
so much of myself for fear of having you hating me.
i wouldve sung so loudly,
it wouldve cracked myself.

i became so selfconscious of anything exuberant.
i wouldnt have sold myself short.
i wouldnt have kept my eyes glued to the ground.

if i hadve known my invisibility would not make a difference,
i wouldve run around screaming proudly at the top of my voice.
i wouldnt have said it was in fact luck,
im talking idealism here.

i would not have been so selfdeprecating,
i wouldnt have cowered for fear of having my eyes scratched out.
i wouldnt have cut my comfort off.
i wouldnt have feigned needlessness.
i would not have discredited every one of their compliments.

it was your approval i wanted.
your congratulations.


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