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spin the wheel ark sz

when i was young i thought i stood
on solid ground well that proved wrong
everything i know was true
just blew up in my face
isnt life wonderful?
i really didnt think so
i took my chips and cashed them in
and let the games begin
cause its easy
its prefectly easy
to spin that wheel round
til you turn it all upside down
its easy
its perfectly easy
to let that wheel spin
til the numbers come back right to you
now spin that wheel
theres nothing to lose
spin that wheel
its waiting for you
now spin that wheel
let the wheel decide
spin that wheel
go along for the ride
spin the wheel
you lose!
when i was young and set to move
i started looking forward to
the fun that disappeared so soon
i wanted to check out
isnt life wonderful?
i didnt used to think so
i took my chips and cashed them in
and started up again
now its easy


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