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secret agent man ark sz

you know i live a life of danger
for the fbi
keeping tabs on our nation
on the land, on the sea, in the sky
but every single night
before i go to bed
i get down on my knees
and thank god
im a secret agent man
- secret agent man
secret agent man
theyve given me a number
but theyve taken way my name
i got one hell of a job to perform
for the u. s. of a.
got the responsibility
of our nations top security
but every night and day
i salute the flag and say
thank you jesus
cause im, im a secret agent man
(- repeat)

you know they got me doin this
doin that
and a little bit of something else
fighting cavities of evil
safe-guarding americas health
but not an afternoon pass
i dont get up off my ass
thank you god
cause im, im a secret agent man
(- repeat 2 times)

cause im a secret agent man


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