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mr bs ballroom ark sz

three cheers!
theyre yellin again
three cheers!
theyll be at it to the end

so drink some big beers and go crazy tonight
theyre all dressed up and theyll be gettin it tonight
big swingers in double knits tonight
big babies gonna get in a fight
actin crazy bustin up the chairs
doubled over gettin sick on the stairs
they know the limits cause they cross them every night
the dull sensations as it turns real hot
why, the guys in the back with their heads on the floor
surrounded by their buddies theyre all hollerin for more
whoa whoa whoa
its mr. bs ballroom

party time turn the music up loud
party time lose your head in the crowd
yellin laughin tryin hard to act smart
put em under pressure and you watch them fall apart
freeze! come on out of there
freeze! you aint goin nowhere
freeze! put your hands on your head
its mr. bs ballroom

whoa whoa whoa
its mr. bs ballroom


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