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love without anger ark sz

love without anger
he picked up the phone and took the call
a long distance voice just started to bawl
i dont care if you feel small
love without anger isnt love at all
why cant you have your cake and eat it too
why believe in things that make it tough on you
why scream and cry when you know its through
why fall in love when theres better things to do
barbie and ken in a great big fight
seems ken forgot to make it home one night
you know what you are seeing simply cant be right
looks like loves bark is worse than its bite
he was young and in love
so he just couldnt see
and it compelled him to ask
are you kidding me?
you must be kidding me!
love without teardrops isnt the same
he asked to be counted out of her game
she thought it him who was so insane
love is what it does by any other name


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