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jimmy ark sz

well i kinda feel sorry for jimmy
yeah but you dont know the whole story he wasnt a nice guy
whaddya mean?
let me tell ya
jimmys in a wheel chair and i dont care
he used to walk his dog
and then hed beat him good
like his pretty wife
and now theyre up and gone
and jimmys in a wheelchair and i dont care
he was the president
of a company
he kept his workers poor
hed lie and cheat and steal
well when justice strikes
well every once in a while
it makes a bullseye hit
well every once in a while
he used to yell and scream
until his son would cry
then hed run him down
well he dont run no more
jimmys in a wheelchair and i dont care
he got big and fat
and he was ridin high
makin lots of cash
trashin others lives
now jimmys in a wheelchair and i dont care
lord he had it comin
now hes cryin in his beer
lord have mercy on this man


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