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dawghaus ark sz

when i woke up this morning
i wasnt in my bed
you know i had an itchy itchy feeling
running round my head
i looked at my watch
and this is what it said
you got them dawghaus blues
got them in your shoes
boy you know youre bound to lose
well i got up
and headed home right away
you know i was wondering
what my baby would say
she said wait!
she said wait!
well you been out all night
got into a fight
and now you got them dawghaus blues
i said baby baby baby
baby please dont go
i said baby baby baby
theres somethin you should know
well that trick you do
its not so new
someday them dawghaus blues are gonna get to you
yo bobby
you know my woman was waitin
stick in hand
she beat me good (whew)
now i dont understand
i thought there was freedom
in the here land
i got them dawghaus blues
i got them in my shoes
man you know im gonna lose
i said
i said


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