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princes familiar ark sz

please be philosophical
please be tapped into your feminity
please be able to take the wheel from me
please be crazy and curious
papa love your princess so that she will find loving princes familiar
papa cry for your princess so that she will find gentle princes familiar
please be a sexaholic
please be unpredictably miserable
please be self absorbed much (not the good kind)
please be addicted to some substance

papa listen to your princess so that she will find attentive princes familiar
papa hear your princess so that she will find curious princes familiar
please be the jerk of my knee ive fit you always
you finish my sentences i think i love you
what is your name again no matter im guessing your thoughts again
correctly and i love the way
you press my buttons so much sometimes i could strangle you

papa laugh with your princess so that she will find funny princes familiar
papa respect your princess so that she will find respectful princes familiar

please be strangely enigmatic
please be just like my


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