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bbmak, bbmak arklar, bbmak ark szleri
1.after all is said and done456
3.back here505
4.cant say589
5.do you believe in magic462
6.dont look down594
7.emilys song654
8.ghost of you and me453
9.i can tell431
10.i cant go on like this674
11.if i could fly537
12.im not in love573
13.just another day405
14.love is leaving429
15.love is unpredictable397
16.love on the outside370
17.marys prayer530
18.miss you more391
19.more than words396
20.next time451
21.out of my heart403
22.out of reach545
24.save me tonight463
26.shes everything611
27.sooner or later412
28.staring into space438
29.still on your side404
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