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perfect ark sz

sometimes is never quite enough
if youre flawless, then youll win my love
dont forget to win first place
dont forget to keep that smile on your face

be a good boy
try a little harder
youve got to measure up
and make me prouder

how long before you screw it up
how many times do i have to tell you to hurry up
with everything i do for you
the least you can do is keep quiet

be a good girl
youve gotta try a little harder
that simply wasnt good enough
to make us proud

ill live through you
ill make you what i never was
if youre the best, then maybe so am i
compared to him compared to her
im doing this for your own damn good
youll make up for what i blew
whats the problem, why are you crying

be a good boy
push a little farther now
that wasnt fast enough
to make us happy
well love you just the way you are
if youre perfect


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