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party boy ark sz

youre love aint enough-ow!
youre just a party party party boy yeah
oh baby
youre just a party party party boy!

from the moment i walked into your life
i knew right then it was a serious
thing for you

i got a kick out of your party friends
after a while i found a holiday, overdue
who completely away from you
oh baby your love aint enough-ow!


party boy youre just a party boy
aint no time for sleepin cause youre misbehavin
party boy youre just a party boy
wake up soon and open your eyes
the time has come to see the light

it took me long enough to realize
that all you give me is a really big broken heart
and i remember how it used to be
there was a time when we could never be
torn apart and now i wish that we could make a staart
you know i gave you all my love-ow!


this world of yours turning upside down
goin up and down like a merry-go-round
a rumor goin on right across the town
why cant you see it?

i gave you love like you never knew
and youre givin me nothing but an attitude
and now im gonna give a bit of solitude
ill miss you baby oh...
misbehavin-now ill mis ya

ow! your just a party party party boy
yeah oh baby
youre just a party party party boy!
ive got to say to you so you listen
hey boy a-good bye!



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