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one bad apple ark sz

the osmond brothers
(trivia! this is the song that alanis sang on star search..and lost)
i can tell youve been hurt
by that look on your face, boy
some girl brought sad into your happy world
you need love, but youre afraid that if you give in
someone else will come along
and sock it to ya again
one bad apple dont spoil the whole bunch, boy
give it one more try before you give up on love
one bad apple dont spoil the whole bunch, boy
i dont care what they say
i dont care what you heard
i could make you happy, baby,
satisfy you too
but how can i if you wont give me a chance
to prove my love to you?
wont you give me just one chance?
ill give you my guarantee that you wont be hurt again
repeat chorus
ive been noticing you, baby
for a long, long time
and im not ashamed to tell the world
that you really messed up my mind
boy, to me youre like a dream come true
id rather hurt myself than to ever hurt you
repeat chorus


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