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oh yeah ark sz

my name is alanis. im a white chick singer
the drums are a-smokin and sos the bass
shake your thing
when you sing
just sixteen
no disco queen
im a white chick singer ive seen the world ive got
a lesson 4u im your teacher girl
two words youll be hearin will
shake the earth so repeat after me
no need to be rehearsed

oh yeah (x2)
my name is alanis im just sixteen so
please gimme a break im no disco queen
just hear what im sayin you dont
wanna miss i got a message 4u and it
goes like this
repeat chorus
ride my train
go insane
your teacher girl
rules your world
now dont overdo it when you shake your thing
cause youll be goin insane when you start
to sing
without special training an amateur
could be a casualty case if they sing
these words

repeat chorus

yo-ah yo-ah
wo-oh yeah!
the drums are a smokin and sos the
bass they keep on pumpin a groove and itll melt your face
come on everybody and blow your mind
because youll never escape these 2
words of mine
ha ha ha ha...


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