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bb king, bb king arklar, bb king ark szleri
1.a new way of driving435
2.a story everybody knows418
3.a woman dont care511
4.a world full of strangers401
5.a world i never made462
6.actions speak louder than words aka you wont listen433
7.aint gonna worry my life any more614
8.aint nobody here but us chickens447
9.aint nobody home461
10.aint nobodys bizness457
11.aint that just like a woman533
12.all over again385
13.all you ever give me is the blues393
14.ask me no questions384
15.at last437
16.baby get lost419
17.baby look at you439
18.back in la439
19.bad breaks425
20.bad case of love393
21.bad luck410
22.bad luck soul379
23.bbs blues590
24.bbs boogie565
25.be careful with a fool422
26.beautician blues396
27.better not look down406
28.beware, brother, beware374
29.blind love466
30.blues at midnight380
31.blues shadows416
32.blues stay away393
33.bluesman understand418
34.boogie woogie woman641
35.broken heart508
36.broken promise408
37.business with my baby tonight378
38.buzz me470
39.bye bye baby547
41.cant get enough483
42.catfish blues429
43.caught a touch of your love445
44.chains and things375
45.change in your loving435
46.choo choo chboogie565
47.come back baby535
48.come by here543
49.come rain or come shine409
50.confessin the blues467
51.crying wont help you520
52.dark is the night422
53.darlin what happened507
54.darlin you know i love you528
55.days of old389
56.did you ever love a woman392
57.dont answer the door516
58.dont change on me631
59.dont get around much anymore542
60.dont go no farther582
61.dont look now but ive got the blues578
62.dont you want a man like me671
63.down hearted368
64.down now402
65.driving wheel378
66.drowning in the sea of love396
67.early every morning368
68.early in the morning444
69.everyday i have the blues443
70.everything i do is wrong385
71.eyesight to the blind399
72.feel like a million360
73.fine looking woman608
74.five long years380
75.fool me once437
76.fools get wise390
78.gamblers blues828
79.get myself somebody399
80.get off my back woman447
81.get out of here379
82.ghetto woman1030
83.glory of love395
84.go on437
85.go underground360
86.going down slow379
87.going home396
88.gonna keep on loving you519
89.gonna miss you around here466
90.good man gone bad474
91.gotem bad518
92.growing old386
93.guess who905
94.happy birthday blues814
95.hard working woman480
96.heed my warning391
97.help the poor380
98.hold on i feel our love is changing383
99.hold on im coming641
100.hold that train399
101.how blue can you get393
103.i can hear my name444
104.i cant explain536
105.i cant let you go546
106.i cant stop loving you454
107.i done got wise389
108.i dont want you cutting off your448
109.i got to leave this woman433
110.i gotta find my baby396
111.i just cant leave your love alone563
112.i know414
113.i know what youre putting down467
114.i like to live the love414
115.i love you so600
116.i need you baby2686
117.i stay in the mood452
118.i wanna be402
119.i want to get married414
120.i want you so bad454
121.i was blind432
122.i wonder why452
123.if i lost you379
124.if you love me540
125.inflation blues370
126.into the night351
127.is you is, or is you aint my baby518
128.it had to be you676
129.its a great, great pleasure561
130.its just a matter of time499
131.its my own fault802
132.its still called the blues460
133.id be a legend in my time515
134.ill survive591
135.im cracking up over you546
136.im gonna do what they do to me494
137.im gonna move to the outskirts of town560
138.im gonna quit my baby490
139.im in the wrong business504
140.im king663
141.im moving on476
142.im putting all my eggs in one basket475
143.ive always been lonely550
144.ive got a right to love my baby411
145.ive got papers on you baby446
146.ive got some outside help i dont need453
147.jack, youre dead480
148.jump with you baby437
149.just a dream400
150.just a little love417
151.key to my kingdom412
152.key to the highway389
153.knock me a kiss384
154.lay another log on the fire434
155.let me love you399
156.let me make you cry a little longer485
157.let the good times roll393
158.lets get down to business430
159.lets do the boogie553
160.lets straighten it out457
161.long nights375
162.love me tender839
163.low down dirty baby507
164.make love to me351
165.making me blue395
166.makin love is good for you512
167.marry you405
168.may i have a talk with you455
169.mean and evil361
170.mean old frisco398
171.mean ole world555
172.merry christmas baby394
173.midnight believer488
174.mistreated woman428
175.monday woman435
176.mr pawnbroker405
177.my babys gone626
178.my gal keeps me cryin511
179.my heart belongs to you368
180.my silent prayer412
181.my sometimes baby482
182.never make your move too soon396
183.never trust a woman406
184.night life469
185.night life/please send me someone to love428
186.niji baby412
187.no good your letter381
188.no one ever tells you384
189.nobody knows you when youre down and out442
190.nobody loves me but my mother512
191.on my word of honor421
192.one of those nights341
193.part time love379
194.partin time youre losin me533
195.past day441
197.paying the cost to be the boss388
198.peace of mind368
199.peace to the world397
200.please accept my love419
201.please love me375
202.please remember me467
203.please set the date384
204.power of the blues434
205.pray for you403
206.questionaire blues433
207.recession blues452
208.riding with the king398
209.rock me baby808
210.roll, roll, roll396
211.ruby lee430
212.rusty dusty blues mama mama blues404
213.same old story same old song394
214.saturday night fish fry334
215.second-hand woman445
216.sell my monkey412
217.shake it up and go424
218.shake yours410
219.she dont move me no more549
220.shes a mean woman877
221.shes dynamite524
222.shes my baby aka ive got a right to love my baby340
223.shut your mouth374
224.since i fell for you411
225.since i met you baby510
226.since i met you baby with gary moore408
227.sloppy drunk424
228.slowly losing my mind408
229.sneakin around725
230.so excited399
231.so many days390
232.some day somewhere394
233.somebody done changed the lock on my door441
234.someday baby487
235.something up my sleeve440
236.spirit in the dark406
237.standing on the edge362
238.stop leadin me on517
239.stormy monday424
240.strange things411
241.street life459
242.sugar mama439
243.summer in the city378
245.sure had a wonderful time last night404
246.sweet little angel435
247.sweet sixteen360
248.sweet thing388
249.take it home420
250.take off your shoes439
251.teardrops from my eyes416
252.telephone song340
253.tell me baby430
254.ten long years416
255.that aint the way to do it485
256.that evil child382
257.thats how much you mean to me506
258.the beginning of the end423
259.the blues come over me386
260.the blues has got me470
261.the fool431
262.the jungle425
263.the letter398
264.the lowdown376
265.the other night blues399
266.the road i travel333
267.the thrill is gone718
268.the woman i love507
269.the worst thing in my life376
270.the wrong road357
271.there is always one more time529
272.they cant take that away from me432
273.think it over374
274.three oclock blues609
275.three oclock in the morning472
276.time is a thief426
277.time to say goodbye509
278.tired of your jive from blues is king414
279.to know you is to love you374
280.tomorrow is another day406
281.tonight im gonna make you a star492
282.too good to you baby aka the wrong road375
283.treat me right430
284.troubles dont last527
285.troubles, troubles, troubles378
286.try a little tenderness485
287.undercover man418
289.until im dead and cold496
290.waiting on you355
291.walking dr bill397
292.walkin and cryin537
293.watch yourself471
294.we cant agree538
295.we cant make it447
296.what a way to go336
297.what can i do392
298.what you bet351
299.when it all comes down ill still be around516
300.when love comes to town381
301.when my heart beats like a hammer331
302.who are you398
303.whole lot of lovin596
304.why do everything happen to me418
305.why do things happen to me395
306.why i sing the blues390
307.why i sing the blues s432
308.woke up this morning398
309.womans got soul542
310.worried life blues361
311.worry worry402
312.you and me, me and you462
313.you done lost your good thing now355
314.you dont know572
315.you dont know me578
316.you know i go for you527
317.you never know376
318.you put it on me412
319.you shouldnt have left542
320.you upset me baby386
321.you wont listen524
322.your fool386
323.your letter391
324.youre breakin my heart414
325.youre gonna miss me574
326.youre losing me480
327.youre on top aka blues in "g"457
328.youre on top blues in "g"510
329.youre still my woman594
330.youve always got the blues564
331.youve become a habit to me494
332.youve been an angel414
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