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no apologies ark sz

whenever we talk about sun all i see is the rain
its like looking for tears in a ocean
im hearing your words like the wind
they blow straight through my heart
will you ever give in to emotion

and we hurt the ones that we love the most
why we do only heaven knows
and i dont know why im still holding on...holding on

i reach in my heart to see
if your love is alive in me
but now i feel alone
my feelings turn to stone
my heart makes no apologies

when an apologys made it isnt always enough
to erase all the past in a moment
whenever i need you the most
you always leave me behind
with a word from your lips im alone

youve been blind not to realize
all the love that i hold inside
so tell me why do i keep holding on...holding on


what i need is your sympathy
like a light flowing into me
but i will never give up holding on...holding on


...my heart makes no apologies no no
my feelings turn to stone... i make no apologies


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